Raphael Romano and Adam after a training session at Ipanema Beach

A long time student of Martial Arts, Adam Henkel was first introduced to the physical training method, Ginastica Natural, by his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor in 2006. After attending a seminar led by Professor Alvaro Romano, the creator of Ginastica Natural, Adam immediately began to implement this unique training method into his daily workouts. A few months later, he visited San Diego for extensive private instruction with Professor Romano and his son Raphael.

It wasn’t long before Adam noticed great improvements in his physical conditioning, including strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and breath control. His progress in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu accelerated, as did his overall physical and mental health. It was then that Adam decided he wanted to share the benefits of Ginastica Natural with others, and began teaching classes at his Martial Arts Academy. He is currently the only certified Ginastica Natural instructor in the state of Florida.

Professor Alvaro Romano awarding Adam his Ginastica Natural Instructor Certification